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  • "...a very satisfying experience..."
    From: James L Duda

    Date: Saturday, November 15, 2003 21:44:10

    Dear Mani,

    Thank you again for the work that you performed on our Lexus. I feel more certain than ever that the work was actually performed, and completed in a most conscientious manner. I appreciated your work and enjoyed your insight. We certainly like the convenience offered to us by having you work on the car at our residence. I was impressed with your knowledge and with all the tools that you have available to you. It was a very satisfying experience to have you work on our car.

    Personal Mechanix comment: Thank you very much Mr. Duda.

  • "I am a regular customer..."
    Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 18:16:00 -0400

    I am a regular customer of Personal Mechanix.

    Mani is very honest and did excellent work on my personal cars, and cars I sold on eBay. I am very impressed with Mani's ability.

    I highly recommend him and will call him again.

    Christian Luong

    Senior Engineer/EBay Power Seller

    Herndon, Virginia

  • "you take the time to listen and understand the customer's concerns."


    What I like about your service is that a customer is able to talk to you directly about his car, and you take the time to listen and understand the customer's concerns. This sets you apart from most other garages, dealers, etc. where one cannot speak to the person who will actually do the work on the car.

    Thanks and hope business is going well.

    Roger Nunes

    Fairfax, Virginia

  • "Thank you again... "
    Date: 07/26/04 20:40:01

    Dear Mani,

    Thank you again for inspecting the BMW on such short notice. I ended up buying the car that afternoon!!! I negotiated a better price with the dealership on my trade-in, (in addition to what he took off of the sticker price) thanks to your having checked into the wholesale price of my Altima. I appreciated you calling back with those prices, and it reassured me that I was getting a fair deal. I will refer you to others.

    Thanks again,

    Christine Boronyak

    Fairfax City, Virginia

  • "Mani was quick to respond... "
    When considering the purchase of a used automobile, I contacted Mani to do a pre purchase inspection.

    Mani was quick to respond, made himself available on short notice and provided me with a thorough evaluation

    of the vehicle. Because of this evaluation, and Mani's input regarding pricing, I had the confidence to go ahead

    with the purchase of the vehicle.

    Thank you,


    C. Kevin Jones

    Tyson's Corner, Virginia

  • "I really appreciate your hard dedicated work... "
    Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 20:32:30 -0500

    Subject: Thank you! Mani, Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my '94 Ford Ranger. It feels 110% better than before. The truck had always pulled a little to the right and you fixed that as well. I really appreciate your hard dedicated work (and in the cold!) and your use of premium quality parts (throughout the entire front brake system). I will certainly post your card at work and recommend you to my friends in need of a mechanic. On a shame less personal promotion note, I happen to do freelance website design and computer repair work (computers are easier than cars for me). If you feel the need to revamp and update your website in the future or have any computer problems you need an expert eye to look at I hope I'll get a chance to work for you on that. Thank you very much,

    Chris Spiller

    Christopher M. Spiller Fairfax, Virginia

  • "He did an excellent and thorough job..."
    Fri, 16 May 2003

    My car required a complete engine overhaul. Mr. Zahadat handled the complex job without any difficulty. He did an excellent and thorough job of disassembling the engine, performing the necessary repairs, and putting everything together again. The unusual benefit in using his services is that he came to my house and performed all the work on site. I was particularly impressed with his thoroughness, attention to details and extreme tidiness. When he was done, the work site was left as clean and pristine as when he arrived. He came to perform the work when promised and completed the work in a timely fashion. After the job was done, he ensured that everything was to my satisfaction and followed through a few days later, again to ensure that I was still satisfied. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Mr. Zahadat to all my friends for any automotive work, large, or small. Tony Sides Annandale, Virginia

  • "I am very pleased..."
    Mani...Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the tire balancing service you gave to my 1996 Nissan Maxima in February.

    Over the last several years, the steering wheel vibrated at 40 mph and again at speeds over 60 mph. During this time, I had taken my car to a local tire chain store for tire balancing, but the vibration was never completely eliminated and got worse after one year. I then purchased four new tires and paid $10 per tire for balancing. The vibration started again after six months. Then I called you for service. Upon completion of work, you let me test ride with you and I was amazed that the vibration was eliminated. The car continues to ride much smoother than it ever has.

    Patrick Ring

    Fairfax Station, Virginia

  • "Mani provides a unique service that everyone ought to take advantage of. "

    Mani provides a unique service that everyone ought to take advantage of. Why not have your car serviced while you’re at work? In an emergency, broken down on the side of the road, you have two options…… Call a cab and tow truck and hope your car will be serviceable in the next week or call Mani. I have used his services twice now and each time I have called around for estimates. None beat Mani. With low overhead he is able to beat competition and he saves you time. If you are skeptical start off with an oil change or something light, you’ll be back. Thanks Mani…..

    Mark Dildine

    Springfield, Virginia

  • "You saved us a considerable amount of time... "
    Dear Mani,

    You saved us a considerable amount of time, compared to taking the car to our usual place of business. When we test drove the car initially, the steering wheel would wobble considerably as well as pull to the right.

    After bringing the car back, you ascertained that not only did the car needed alignment, but the wobble was because the two front tires needed replacement.

    You went to get the tires, came back, changed them, and then performed the alignment right in my driveway. When complete, we test drove it, and it drives like new… Straight as an arrow! The alignment was perfect!


    Daniel Corbett

    Alexandria, Virginia

  • "Mani is superb. He knows his cars. "
    Mani is superb. He knows his cars. He can explain what is worn, works until the car is fixed. He is persistent. If it gets dark he uses a headlamp or a flashlight. When my car breaks, he comes to fix it, even on a Saturday or Sunday. (His coming to the house saves the cost of a tow.) Prices are very reasonable.

    Paul Brown

    Fairfax, Virginia

  • "Personal Mechanix is the way to go. "
    If you are looking for convenience and peace of mind Personal Mechanix is the way to go. Mani gives great value for money--not only does he perform the service required, he goes way above and beyond. He repairs potential problems before they become big ones. He throws in lots of extras that you will not get as a matter of routine in a shop.

    He is only a phone call away.

    Especially as a business woman who travels alone quite a bit I appreciate not having to worry about breaking down on a lonely road somewhere. I heartily recommend his service to anyone who is busy, wants personal service and a dialogue with the actual person who works on the car, and does not have time to sit around repair shops.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Yvonne Worrell Pover

    Alexandria, Vriginia

  • "I will be calling Mani Zahadat for any car problems I have in the future. "
    I will be calling Mani Zahadat for any car problems I have in the future. He was very helpful, willing to work around my schedule, and charged much less than other mechanics. I did a lot of research before finding out about Mani and his was the best deal out there. Stop looking and go with him.

    Jeff Fogg

    Alexandria, Virginia

  • "I'm guilty of wanting only the best for my car and that's why Mani is my mechanic. "
    May 15, 2003

    My '91 Miata is my baby. I'm guilty of wanting only the best for my car and that's why Mani is my mechanic.

    I called Mani over a year ago and am so pleased that I did.

    Mani is competent, courteous and comprehensive. In addition to regular oil changes, tire purchases and other maintenance, Mani consults with me regarding the performance of my car. He's a professional that raises the bar on customer service.

    Many thanks to Mani,

    Lynn Hallard

    Kensington, Maryland

  • "You did an excellent job with my car. "
    May 27, 2002

    Dear Mani,

    I just want to say you did an excellent job with my car. I went out of town for a week and as discussed you picked up my car that day and returned it the day I came back. I did not need to worry that I might not have transportation upon my return. Not only did I not need to worry, but you had put a full tank of gas in my car and had washed it. My car was returned to me in better condition than when I left it! You always returned my calls in a timely manner. When I had a little problem with the car, you came by promptly to correct the problem. Not having to worry about the functionality of my car and the stress of finding a good mechanic has been great! Thank you again Mani!


    Julie Wieland


    Washington DC

  • "He goes the extra step... "
    To Whom It May Concern:

    Mani Zahadat, Personal Mechanix, is a unique find in the automotive field.

    The strengths Mani brings to the table are:

    He assumes personal responsibility for the proper repair and on-going maintenance of the car in his care.

    He relieves his customers of the time involved and the frustration that can occur in the car care industry.

    He goes the extra step to make sure his customers are pleased with his work. For example; four days following work he had performed on my car, Mani took it out for a test drive to make sure everything was working to his (and my) satisfaction.

    If you are interested in dealing with a true professional who really cares about his customers, you will not go wrong with Mani Zahadat, Personal Mechanix.

    James F. Whelan

    Arlington Virginia

  • "I was happy with your work on my car..." "
    August 13, 2002

    Dear Mani

    My overall feeling about your company is that you provide good work and you have a good response time. I also like the convenience of at home service. I was happy with your work on my car's air conditioning system. My wife is also very happy for the rear brake work on her Ford Taurus.


    Ted Beauvais (Government Manager)

    Burke Virginia

  • "I need my car to be very reliable, and it is, thanks to your good care. "
    August 7, 2002

    Dear Mani:

    I truly appreciate your reminders of my Subaru’s maintenance schedule. As you know, I am the person in the family who drives that Subaru the most, and often out in the deep country, where gas stations and mechanics are scarce. I need my car to be very reliable, and it is, thanks to your good care.

    I wish you all success in your business.

    Kit Johnston

    Writer, Artist, Chef

    Arlington Virginia

  • "Rarely have I ever experienced a mechanic who was so thorough as you. "
    Dear Mani

    Thanks for the great job that you did on my '90 Volvo. I should have listened to you when you said I was going to need a new water pump. Only 3 days later, it failed as I was driving home. Luckily, I didn't damage the engine. Rarely have I ever experienced a mechanic who was so thorough as you. No one has previously picked up the things you did, like that little gas leak in the hose. I had been smelling gas for at least half a year. The car runs like it was new, and I even get about 10% better mileage.

    I'm very impressed by the way you finished things up. The engine was so clean after you finished that you could practically eat off of it!

    I'm also amazed that you could do everything right in the back of my house.

    Having had a lot of experience on repairs ( I always drive used cars), I appreciate that your charge was about at least 25% less than what I otherwise would have had to pay.

    Thanks for everything.

    Bernie Cohen

    Falls Church Virginia

  • "Mani has provided me reliable service... "
    May 3, 2001

    I heard about Mani from a man in my car pool that used Mani for some car work. Mani has provided me reliable service for my two vehicles (Ford Taurus and SAAB 9000) at very reasonable prices for several months now. He responds to my phone calls and keeps his appointments. He is conscientious and honest and most important he can be trusted to come to your house when you're not there to work on your car.


    Jim Rosenberg

    Fairfax Virginia

  • " You were right on time... "

    You did a good job replacing a broken motor mount that was cause of my car's failing the Virginia annual safety inspection.. You were right on time to start the repair.

    Carol T Goldstone (Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley)

    Burke Virginia

  • "The work that you completed on my car was incredible... "
    Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 15:06:01

    Hello Mani,

    The work that you completed on my car was incredible, especially for the price. Very meticulous and with great attention to detail. I have no comments to help you improve as I believe that your level of quality and care for the car were extremely high. I can't ask you to improve as your standards already greatly exceeded my expectations. The amount of time and attention to detail that you invested in making my 1991 Toyota Corolla feel like an almost new car was worth 3 times what I actually paid you and I thank you very much again. I will certainly refer my family (parents and brothers) and close friends to you insisting that they look no where else for car work ever. Take care.

    peace and love, joy and truth,

    forgiveness and compassion, always.

    Vince Lombardi

    Alexandria Virginia

  • "...a good mechanic who does competent work. "

    Mani appears to be a good mechanic who does competent work. Mani worked on my Subaru's CV joint and cooling system. The joint was replaced and works fine. He did this at about half the normal price.

    Mani correctly diagnosed my cooling problem as my radiator. He replaced this at half its former cost.

    Michael P. Dixon (administrator)

    Burke Virginia

  • "I appreciated your prompt and efficient service. "

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your prompt and efficient service.

    Your service delivery is something to be proud of. Most service organizations are afraid to say what they can do and then deliver. Your evaluation of my car's problems was right on and when you said you would be at my home at 10:00 AM, you were there on time. I know my car gave you some challenges and took a little longer than you expected, but you professionally handled each challenge. I like a company that tells me what they are going to do and then does what they said they would.

    I have recommended your services to members of my office staff. As you know I am also a very auto oriented person as I own some rare and unusual sports racing cars. You have proven yourself and your capabilities and you are very professional in the way you handle your business. I would feel comfortable having you on one of our crews at our next track adventure.


    Bob Magnotti

    59 Austin Healey

    68 Marcos 1600 GT

    86 Mercury Marquis

    99 Mitsubishi Gallant

    Fairfax City Virginia

  • "I will recommend you to everyone. "
    Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001

    Dear Mani Zahadat,

    When I went well past the 60,000 mile mark and realized I had not changed the timing belt in my Toyota, I panicked. Thank you for coming to my rescue on a weekend. You changed out the timing belt and the oil too. The car runs like new, and I will recommend you to everyone.

    Best Regards,

    Doctor Dave Buckis

    Fairfax Virginia

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